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Simphony, a cloud-based POS system, has a versatile and flexible structure among restaurant management systems. This new generation system, which allows multiple restaurants to be managed from a single center, increases the efficiency of restaurants thanks to cloud computing technology. In addition, Simphony includes many features that are important in business management, such as reporting and analysis.

PXL Digital Solutions, one of the biggest Simphony projects in Turkey, Starbucks Turkey POS system, MICROS Systems Inc. It has successfully completed the MICROS POS solution developed by Starbucks and used by many chain stores, to Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony. This project is one of the largest Simphony projects to receive financial approval in Turkey and has enabled PXL Digital Solutions to become an Oracle Partner. As PXL Digital Solutions, we continue to provide POS maintenance and support services to a total of 550 Starbucks stores.


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