As a leading software company, PXL is also a human resources firm specializing in information technologies.

For many years, periodic IT procurement services have been used as a major factor in increasing the global competitiveness of firms. In rapidly developing and changing areas such as IT, periodic sourcing is a significant time and cost item for companies whose main task is not IT. In projects where human resources are needed rapidly but there is no need for resources after the project is completed, leading institutions in Turkey.

Search & Selection

In line with your needs, we enable you to find IT talents as soon as possible with our expert team and strong talent network.


We provide outsource support for your company's seasonal workforce needs.

Large Talent Pool

PXL has a wide network to access the majority of IT professionals in Turkey.

Convenience in Official Processes

The Outsourcing services of PXL eliminate the financial, administrative, and legal risks of recruiting personnel, and undertakes all official processes in this regard.

IT-Focused Approach

Unlike standard HR Consultancy companies, PXL has search and selection specialists with know-how in IT. The candidates most suitable for the company’s requirements and corporate culture are defined via technical interviews.


If you don’t upload a resume, we’ll attach PDF version of your CV.